Introducing I Go By Kait

Hey there! My name is Kaitlyn Butler, and I go by Kait! I love online shopping, eating well and living well. I live in Ocala, Florida with my husband, staying busy with a variety of community events and local offerings. I studied public relations at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and love interacting with all types of people. My blog is primarily focused on fashion, food and fitness.

Why A Blog?

In the last year my husband, Kendrick, and I moved across the country with our dog (Winslow) and cat (Nashville) to Chicago, got married and moved back home to Ocala. To many, it seemed like we couldn’t take the cold (it wasn’t the greatest, I’ll admit). In reality, we missed our life back home.

Moving thousands of miles away from family and friends put a lot of things in perspective.

Prior to the move I prided myself on my career and ambition. Changing jobs three times in a year really threw me for a loop. I’ve now started a 9-5 job and am looking for a way to express myself creatively outside of work.

A major factor in moving back to Ocala was the community. We met some wonderful people in Chicago, but we kept comparing life in the city to our life “back home”. We had no idea how much we would miss the people and places until we put a 16 hour drive between us. In this blog I hope to showcase the hidden gems of Ocala, bringing to light the things that make it home for us.

Then, there’s the Enneagram. I’m a Seven, which means I love any and all things exciting. Food, fitness, shopping – you name it. I’ll be sharing all my favorite activities here and I hope it lights your fire, too!

Thanks for stopping by — I hope you stay a while.


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