50 Under $50 Uncommon Gift Guide

I always have the best intentions when it comes to holiday gifts but somehow always wait until the last minute and scramble to find something truly special. This year I’ve started my research early and found 50 creative gifts that are memorable and fun – and all under $50!

Uncommon Goods is a site I stumbled upon a few years ago and always come back to for inspiration, which is why they’re my pick for the best place to find thought-provoking gifts that the recipient will feel was selected just for them. I hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide and find the perfect gift for the special people in your life!

Get ahead of the game and shop these uncommon gifts!

1 – Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio

Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio
Drop one of these cubes into a glass of bubbly and watch it turn into a mimosa or bellini cocktail.

2 – Handblown Glass Olive Oil Pourer

Handblown Glass Olive Oil Pourer
Crafted in three colorways, these oil pourers were inspired by the artist’s trip to Greece.

3 – Swimming Koi Sculptures

Tyson Weiss’s handmade, deep blue ceramic koi fish conjure a dreamy, underwater scene in a garden or yard.

4 – Popcorn Seasoning Set

Popcorn Seasoning Set
David & Patricia Beets’ mouthwatering handmade seasonings turn popcorn into a special snacking occasion.

5 – Cat Eyeglasses Holder

Cat Eyeglasses Holder
This hand-carved kitty sits by your side, eliminating those frantic, blurry-eyed searches for your specs.

6 – Magnetic Poster Frame

Magnetic Poster Frame
A simple, pretty alternative to tape, putty, or expensive glass frames.

7- Breakfast Jar with Easy Measure Lid

Breakfast Jar with Easy Measure Lid
Your healthy overnight oats habit deserves a convenient container that preps, chills, carries, and serves.

8 – Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle
A great companion for travel and hiking hydration, this bottle breaks down small enough to fit in a pocket.

9 – Hand Knit Dog Ornaments

Hand Knit Dog Ornaments
Each cuddly, palm-sized hound, lab, pug and more yips to life with the needlework of fair trade artisans.

10 – Vietnamese Pho Complete Dinner Kit

Vietnamese Pho Complete Dinner Kit
Cook the aromatic Vietnamese classic in 45 minutes without having to track down exotic ingredients.

11 – Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Send your little one (or you) off to dreamland with the stories of 100 strong women in this inspirational book.

12 – Lazy Wood Spoon

Lazy Wood Spoon
Jonathan Simons’ cleverly designed tool gives you and your spoon a rest.

13 – Do Anything Smart Button

Do Anything Smart Button
Click this coin-size button to find your phone, order a pizza, water the lawn, send an SOS, and lots more.

14 – Two Lies and a Truth Card Game

Two Lies and a Truth Card Game
These “facts” all sound real, but two of them aren’t true at all.

15 – Sleepy Cat Paperweight

Sleepy Cat Paperweight
Bring kitty to work with April Wagner’s hand-blown glass paperweights in calico and orange or brown tabby.

16 – Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set

Orbit Oil and Vinegar Set
This cruet holds oil and vinegar in two mouth-blown glass bubbles, one inside the other.

17 – Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin Kit
Embrace the do-it-yourself spirit by making a batch of aromatic gin using your favorite vodka as the base.

18 – Zodiac Perfume

Zodiac Perfume
Inspired by the signs of the zodiac, each is blended to capture the spirit of your celestial makeup.

19 – Cocktail Spoon Straws

Cocktail Spoon Straws
Scoop, stir, and sip frozen cocktails, ice cream floats, and smoothies with one clever, reusable utensil.

20 – Women’s Organizing Travel 4-pack

Women's Organizing Travel 4-pack
Printed with images of what’s inside, these travel bags keep your to-go essentials stylishly contained.

21 – Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game

Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game
This charming memory game will have you matching up pooches and their peoples.

22 – Beard Bib & Shaper Set

Beard Bib & Shaper Set
This set of grooming accessories helps you shape your beard and skip the sink full of whiskers.

23 – Market Tote

Market Tote
This sturdy canvas and vegan leather tote with multiple compartments protects your market fresh produce.

24 – Starry Night Solar Stake

Starry Night Solar Stake
Stephen Kitras uses his own artistry to bring some of van Gogh’s magic to life in your own garden.

25 – Vase Bookends

Vase Bookends
These handmade flower vases are designed to hold books between them, or desktop tools inside them.

26 – Zodiac Profile Coasters

Zodiac Profile Coasters
Astrological signs shine on these coasters. Each set shows symbols representing its featured zodiac.

27 – Twist & Shake Droplet Colander

Twist & Shake Droplet Colander
Combining the functions of colander and salad spinner, this ingenious tool is a major improvement on both.

28 – Windowsill Garden Tumblers

Windowsill Garden Tumblers
These colored glass planter kits contain all novices need to grow and enjoy indoor plants in small spaces.

29 – Mimosa Diagram Glassware

Mimosa Diagram Glassware - Set of 2
What do you get when one part orange juice and two parts bubbly combine? A reason to celebrate!

30 – Szechuan Chili Oil

Szechuan Chili Oil
Alex Sorenson’s insanely crave-y chili oil is the condiment of Szechuan flavor-seekers’ dreams.

31 – Coconut Fiber Whale Planter

Coconut Fiber Whale Planter
Thar she grows! This charming coconut fiber planter is sustainably made by artisans in the Philippines.

32 – Stay Tray | Adjustable Serving Tray

Stay Tray
Strategically arranged shock cords keep plates and cups from sliding around on this party serving tray.

33 – Reclaimed Guitar String Bracelet

Reclaimed Guitar String Bracelet
Naomi Celestin brings music and art together in these wearable riffs on blue and gold.

34 – Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set

Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set
This giftable set lets you grow, steep, and sip your own chamomile tea.

35 – Rose Quartz De-Puffing Eye Tool

Rose Quartz De-Puffing Eye Tool
De-puff and soothe your eyes with this hand-polished rose quartz tool.

36 – Incense Self-Storage & Burner

Incense Self-Storage & Burner
Not your hippie aunt’s incense burner.

37 – Karaoke Microphone Speaker

Karaoke Microphone Speaker
Bar? Crowd? Cords? You don’t need any of ’em to sing karaoke thanks to this portable little wonder.

38 – Give Back To Nature Candles

Give Back To Nature Candles
Follow the fragrance to your favorite places on the planet and create a better world.

39 – Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit

Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit
For the dreamer of English Gardens filled with lovely lavender.

40 – Skin Renewing Masks

Skin Renewing Masks
Mix up a mask with these organic ingredients and let the heavenly smells wash over you.

41 – Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers
Soothe your sensitive soles with these comfy, plush and aromatic spa-style relaxation slippers.

42 – Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle
Get your dance *and* your drink on (we’re talking H2O here) with this speaker slash reusable bottle.

43 – Natural Henna Temporary Tattoo Freestyle Kit

Natural Henna Temporary Tattoo Freestyle Kit
Create beautiful pain-free, temporary body art with this freestyle henna tattoo kit.

44 – Pho Noodle Bowl w/Chopsticks

Pho Noodle Bowl w/Chopsticks
This three-in-one noodle dish set turns a easy, healthy meal into a delicious feast.

45 – Live Streaming Selfie Light

Live Streaming Selfie Light
Get that do-it-yourselfie glow.

46 – 10-Piece Lip Balm Gift Set

10-Piece Lip Balm Gift Set
Lip balm enthusiasts, we’ve got your fix: this set made from all-natural goat’s milk and essential oils.

47 – Wood Smoke Grilling Planks

Wood Smoke Grilling Planks
Grilling is great, wood plank grilling’s even better. Soak, smoke and enjoy the applause.

48 – Glass Herb Keeper

Glass Herb Keeper
It’ll keep what’s left of your bunch perky for longer—we tried it, and our herbs lasted for over a week.

49 – Cala Earrings

Cala Earrings
This bold, brass interpretation of fringe-y tassel earrings helps its Kenyan maker earn a good living.

50 – Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers

Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers
Anusha Moodley’s essential oil-infused aromatherapy tablets turn your shower into a mood-transforming spa.

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