Spotlight: Brick City Food Tours

I started a business!

Brick City Food Tours is an idea that was born out of a search on Airbnb on a weekday afternoon. I was feeling uninspired and dreaming of the day I found *the* thing that would light my fire.

I searched Airbnb Experiences, curious about what adventures or classes were offered in Ocala. It honestly surprised me when I saw there wasn’t much available. That’s when it hit me; my husband, Kendrick, and I went on a food tour in Chicago before we moved back to Ocala and absolutely loved it.

Why couldn’t there be one in Ocala? The economy is growing, families are moving here and there are new restaurants popping up all over downtown. Residents and guests are excited about seeing Ocala gain businesses similar to other Florida hubs like Orlando or Tampa. In short, there’s never been a better time to start.

I’ve lived in Ocala for half a decade and through my work with nonprofits and artists have come to appreciate the downtown food scene, as well as the history that surrounds it. I’m passionate about sharing the unique cuisines, crafted by talented local chefs, that make Ocala’s downtown eateries worth exploring.

What is Brick City Food Tours?

Uncover a vast spectrum of cooking styles in Ocala’s historic downtown. Your guided Brick City Food Tour visits 5 sit down tasting locations in the downtown neighborhood. Between samples, your informative guides (Kendrick and I) will share their experience of local customs, historic stories and specialty shops. This walking tour is ideal for Ocala residents and travelers eager to discover the culinary secrets and traditions that compose the horse capitol of the world. Whether you’re vacationing in Ocala for the first time or a long-time resident, you’re sure to walk away with a greater understanding of the geographic history and culinary techniques of the city.

Where You’ll Be

We’ll most likely visit Sayulita Taqueria (Mexican street food), Ivy on the Square (southern delicacies), Ocala’s Chocolate and Confections (the finest European chocolate), Pi on Broadway (gourmet pizzas and tapas), and Feta Mediterranean Cuisine (generational Greek tapas). However, we could do a slightly different version of this tour, depending on the weather and availability of the restaurant.

What Are People Saying?

  • “I cannot recommend this tour enough! It really showed off the diverse cuisine options all in walking distance in downtown Ocala. There really is something for everybody! Even as a local, I got to taste items off the menus I hadn’t had before that were so delicious I plan on going back and ordering again. I also enjoyed learning more about Ocala from the awesome tour guides. This was a great way to spend an afternoon, and my husband & I left full and happy!” – Brittany
  • “The Brick City Food Tour was a great experience. The food selections were great and the tour/learning about some of the history of downtown Ocala made the experience worthwhile. Enjoyed being able to connect and get to know the other members of the tour group. Thanks Brick City Food Tour for a great experience. Would highly recommend to others and will definitely make it a point to do it again!” – Justin
  • “I loved the day and enjoyed the experience! Was introduced to several places that I had not dined in before but will make a trip back to in the future.” – Michele

How Can You Support Us?

Book a tour here! With a maximum of 10 people per tour, it’s the perfect way to experience downtown Ocala and hopefully make a few friends along the way. The tours run from 2 PM – 5 PM, so it’s great for a fun afternoon adventure or a unique way to show out of town guests your city. We even do private tours for birthdays or corporate outings!

If you aren’t a foodie, you can still support us! Please share with your friends and family, spreading the word about our passion. Thank you in advance for supporting us, Ocala!



Healthy Hurricane Foods

I hate all foods that are not served at their proper temperature: pizza should be served hot, salad served cold and I will not touch a Vienna Sausage with a ten foot pole.

That being said, hurricanes are a STRUGGLE for me. Everyone is running around yelling, “HUNKER DOWN! STOCK UP ON WATER AND NONPERISHABLES!”

Do you know what they mean by non-perishables? Non-edible food. They’re talking canned tuna, uncooked black beans and peanut butter sandwiches. I’m allergic to peanut butter, so the only edible option is now ruled out.

I would make myself a tasty salad, but once the seal on the refrigerator is broken, my once prized sauces and veggies are turned to smelly mush.

This leaves me with a dilemma. Do I starve or gag while eating? Thankfully, I’ve thought up some healthy options that don’t make me want to run out into the storm.

My Healthy Hurricane Shopping List

Rice Crisps

Think the crispy part of an apple crisp. These babies pack a flavorful punch without all the calories. Beware: portion control, because I have been known to eat an entire bag in one sitting.

Rice Cakes

Full disclosure I haven’t tried these yet. They spoke to me in the chips aisle and white cheddar has never let me down. Will report back.


These come in a ton of great flavors and they’ve never let me down. Larabar is known for having limited ingredients so you know what you’re putting in your body.


Need I say more? Golden Delicious apples are from God and last on the shelf long enough for a hurricane to pass.

Tuna Infusions

Hear me out on these. I know I said canned tuna is disgusting and I stand by that statement. These, however, come pre-flavored and have very little smell to them. They even have a little spoon in the lid so you don’t have to dirty a fork!

Sunflower Butter

My husband picked up whole grain bread for the weekend, but I’m definitely allergic to peanut butter. This sunflower butter tastes just as good and doesn’t make me break out while a storm is raging outside.

Spotlight: Ocala’s Chocolate and Confections

You know what’s better than a chocolate covered banana? A truffle. You know what’s better than a truffle? Ice cream. You know what’s better than ice cream? FUDGE.

Good thing Ocala’s Chocolate and Confections has them all! I’m always so surprised when friends tell me they’ve lived in Ocala for years and have yet to visit Ocala’s Chocolate and Confections.

This neighborhood store looks like it’s come straight out of Stars Hollow (if you don’t get the Gilmore Girls reference, I’m sorry.) It’s perfectly situated in downtown Ocala near the movie theater and is the perfect place to enjoy sweets this summer. Could there be anything cuter than a movie date at the theater and an ice cream cone night cap? I think not.

Last weekend I stopped by with my friend Brittany as we caught up and explored downtown. I had the blueberry cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone while she treated herself to a truffle. It was worth EVERY calorie!

Have you ever visited this downtown spot? If so, what’s your favorite treat there?