10 Easy Last Minute Costumes

Let’s get real. You, like so many others, waited until the last minute to find a Halloween costume. It’s almost too late to order anything from Amazon and your local Halloween store is bare racks.

Instead of freaking out, take these four steps:

  1. Get outfit inspiration ideas from this post.
  2. Check Facebook Marketplace for local costumes sold by your neighbors.
  3. Use the Amazon Prime your aunt pays for and get a costume shipped to you in 2 days.
  4. If steps 1-3 have failed you, hit up Walmart or Goodwill and put together an easy DIY costume.

I’ve done the first part for you – check out my favorite easy, last minute costumes here:

Space Jam Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny

All you need is the jersey (I got ours from Ebay), white basketball shorts, triple stripe socks and bunny ears. Lucky for you, I’m selling ours on Facebook Marketplace here and here.

Contestants from The Bachelor

Y’all know I love the Bachelor and all things Bachelor-adjacent. Slip on the bridesmaid dress that lives in the back of your closet and carry around a rose. Don’t forget the two drinks per hour limit!

Pink Ladies

At this point, everyone should own this pair of Spanx faux leather leggings, right? Throw on an oversized pink button down, a cute pair of sunnies, a bandana and you’re ready for action!

Social Butterfly

Full disclosure, I still may rock this at work on Halloween. It’s tasteful, super cute and only requires a pair of wings from your local Walmart.

Regina George

“Regina George… How do I begin to explain Regina George? I hear her hair’s insured for $10,000.” Cut out holes in a tee and confidently rock that look.

80s Workout Diva

Channel your inner Jamie Lee Curtis and SWEAT! This is a perfect example of an easy DIY from Walmart or Goodwill. Biker shorts are back in style and every Goodwill I’ve ever been to carries a fanny pack and a windbreaker.


Who doesn’t want to ride a horse at the party? This pony and cowgirl accessories are easy to find at your local Walmart in the toys section!

Beer Pong

I saw a girl dressed as this in college and I’ve envied her ever since. It requires a little DIY, but if you’re someone who would rock this you probably have some extra duct tape lying around, anyway.


If you went to Coachella this year you already have this outfit, so why not rock it twice?

Dancing Women Wearing Bunny Ears Emoji

Grab your go-to little black dress, a pair of bunny ears and your BFF!