My Pet Must-Haves

If you know me, you know I love my pets with all my heart. I work hard so I can create a better life for Nashville (cat) and Winslow (dog). Winslow comes with us pretty much everywhere, and over the years I’ve discovered some really unique products to keep them as happy and healthy as possible.


Cat Essentials

Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves

There’s nothing I hate more than having a fur covered cat tower in my living room. After searching for a more decorative option, I found these elevated shelves that give the appearance of plants. They give Nash a place to play and hide without sacrificing style.

PSA if your kitty is over 15 pounds I’d recommend using anchors so they don’t fly off the wall like ours originally did!


SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray

Recently Nashville has gotten into the habit of stealing Winslow’s bed, which leads to him snuggling up between us in the night. I’m not one to turn down a cuddle, but there’s just not enough room for three of us in the bed. I bought Nash his own bed, knowing he would turn his nose up at it initially.

I sprayed this catnip mist on the bed and within a few days he was giving it a shot! Now when I’m getting ready for work he’s not only in his bed, but stays chilling there until it’s time for breakfast.


Nulo Medal Series Weight Management Cat Food – Grain Free

As part Maine Coon, there’s no secret that Nash is a big, cuddly boy. Despite his large size, his vet still wants to work on keeping him active (hence the shelves) and on a weight management diet. Nulo is a grain free dry food that includes L-Carnitine, which supports the metabolism of fats. I’m considering switching him to wet food, but this is my favorite dry food by far.


LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I’ve had this litter box for God knows how long, and I could not live without it. My next upgrade is to add a cat “side table” to put this baby in to keep it out of sight in our tiny apartment.


Clothing Hamper

I’m being a little silly with this one, but I truly have to hide our hampers to keep Nash out of them! He loves to hide in them and pounce at Winslow or use them as a hiding place for a cat nap. Skip the expensive cat toy and get yourself a $5 mesh hamper to entertain your cat for hours.


Dog Essentials


flexi® New Classic Retractable and Multi Box Waste Bag Dispenser

We’re always on the go, and inevitably Winslow will need to do his business at the most inopportune time. This leash and waste bag attachment is my life saver. Most attachments have a clip that hooks to the leash, but doesn’t fit most retractable leashes. This attachment slides right onto the leash, freeing up my hands to pick up the business.



Like most pet parents, we love spoiling Winslow with new toys and treats every month. I’m also a token millennial, which means I love supporting organizations that give back. RescueBox is awesome because with every box, the company works with charitable partners to provide donations of food and vaccines in shelters across America.


Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

A short hair dog and cloth seats do not make a good pair. This seat cover has saved my Jeep from damage, mud and slobber. It was also the perfect way to keep the boys comfortable during two cross country moves.


Collapsible Fabric Travel Bowl

Another can-not-live-without item is a portable dog bowl. We take Winslow to brunch, concerts, the park, you name it. The last thing I want is for my man to be thirsty. This bowl zips up for easy transport and is easy to store on a leash.


KONG Dog Toys

Winslow has never met a toy he didn’t love to obliterate. KONG is the only toy that stands up to his force while keeping him entertained for hours!


What are your favorite pet products? I’m always looking for more ways to spoil my boys, so let me know in the comments!